Public Works

Public Works

The Public Works Department includes the Streets and Maintenance Operation Divisions.  The Public Works Superintendent (Russell Overton) oversees the Department and manages departmental staff.

The department is one of the most visible services provided by the Town; the staff is highly skilled and motivated and accomplishes much more than would be expected from the size of staff doing our service.

Town Shop (Maintenance Operations)

Fleet maintenance and services of all Town owned vehicles and equipment.  Our creative, hard-working crew is continually resolving issues and coming up with ways to provide outstanding services with the crew and budget allocated to the department.

Street Department

The Streets Department is responsible for maintaining the Town’s streets including:

  • Asphalt patching
  • Streets overlay and crack sealing as well as Magnesium Chloriding alleys to mitigate dust
  • Sweeping
  • Snow plowing and removal

In addition, the Department also:

  • Maintains alleys and drainage facilities
  • Roadside mowing and weed spraying
  • Water line repairs and construction management or services
  • Numerous other projects and work efforts covering Town infrastructure