Municipal Court

The Municipal Court administers judicial operations of the Town in accordance with the Town’s ordinances. Municipal Court is held the fourth Wednesday of every month, 1:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 345 Market Street. The Court budget includes salary for the Municipal Court Clerk, cost for the Town’s Municipal Judge and legal fees for the Town’s Attorney. The Town adopted a criminal code in 1990, which was revised in 1993 and amended 2012. The code allows the Town to handle a greater variety of offenses occurring within the Town limits.

Laurie Noble – Municipal Judge
The Board has appointed Laurie Noble as municipal judge serving two year terms since 1994. Judge Noble also serves as County Judge for Rio Blanco County and continues to receive high ratings for her work as the County Judge during the State Evaluation process.

Melody Massih of Olszewski, Massih & Maurer, P.C. Р Town Attorney
The Town Attorney serves as prosecuting attorney for the Town in Municipal Court and is appointed by the Board every two years.

Amy Halstead - Municipal Court Clerk
The Court Clerk also serves as the Town’s Administrative Assistant., 970-878-5344.

Ticket Information:
Cases processed in Meeker Municipal Court are for misdemeanors, bench warrants, and summons/penalty assessments. Felony cases are not handled by the Meeker Municipal Court. If your summons was written by a State Patrol or Deputy Sheriff you will need to contact Rio Blanco County Court at 970-878-5622 or go to the County Courthouse at 555 Main St., Meeker, CO.

Please check your summons, if it was written by a Meeker Police Officer and states you are to appear at Meeker Municipal Court, 345 Market Street then you have been properly written into Meeker Municipal Court. If there is no payment amount indicated, the summons is not payable and a court appearance is mandatory.

Payment may be made in person at Meeker Town Hall, 345 Market Street, Meeker, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or may be dropped off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the night depository box located at the east entrance of the parking lot at 345 Market Street, Meeker, CO. The Court accepts payment in the form of check, money order or cash (credit cards are not accepted at this time).

Infraction Traffic Tickets that are paid within 20 days of receiving the ticket will result in an automatic point reduction as listed below. If the citation is for an offense or infraction that is not traffic related, this provision does not apply.

o For a violation having an assessment of three to four points, and not being a criminal traffic offense, the points will be reduced by two points.

o For a violation having an assessment of two points, the points will be reduced by one point.