Animal Control

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Animal Control Officer, Laurel Haney and Chili

Animal control consists of one 20 hour per week officer who is responsible for enforcing the animal control ordinances and managing the shelter, along with 3 part time kennel helpers. The office is located at Town Hall, 345 Market Street, in the Police Department.

Notices and pictures of recovered dogs are on the front window at Town Hall. Contact information: Office: 970-878-4968, cell: 970-756-4762,

Animal Shelter
The Animal Shelter is located at 109 3rd street in between the Town Shops and Recycling. The animal shelter reunites owners with lost pets and finds unwanted animals loving homes.

Pet Licensing
All animals in the Town of Meeker are required by law to be licensed every calendar year. All licenses expire December 31st of the year issued.

To get your dog licensed at Town Hall you will need:

  • Proof of current rabies vaccination (must be paper certificate)
  • Fee for license
  • Altered Dog $5
  • Proof of spay or neuter
  • Non-altered dog $15
  • Replacement tag $1
  • Adoption Information

Adopting a new pet
We encourage all perspective adoptive parents to consider adoptions carefully. We are looking for forever homes for our dogs. Call Animal Control at 970-878-4896 or 970-756-4762, or go to and type in “Meeker” to see current animals available for adoption.

Adoption Fees

  • Dog: if altered $50
  • Dog: if unaltered add refundable spay or neuter deposit of $50
  • Donations & Volunteering

We are always happy to receive donations in any form. This includes leashes, collars, toys, dog biscuits, treats, as well as wet and dry dog food. Monetary donations can be made to Town Hall in care of the Animal Shelter or directly to The Vet Clinic for vet care for the animal shelter dogs.

Volunteer Information
The Meeker Animal Shelter is happy to have volunteers. We require a volunteer consent form to be signed and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Our volunteers walk dogs and play with dogs and puppies. Minor cleaning and maintenance can also be done if so desired.

Reporting Animal Issues
To report an animal complaint, please call the Police Department at 878-5555.